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Nicole`s Lantgård

1. Terms

1.1 AGE To buy a product in Nicole`s Lantgård online store, you must be 18 years or older.

1.2 BUY Purchase agreements are from when you receive an order confirmation via e-mail after you place an order and complete payment or undergo an approved credit check in the online store's cash register

1.3 INCORRECT INFORMATION We reserve the right to subsequently correct any inaccurate information regarding price,delivery time, and correcting information on our website.

 1.4 MISTAKES We reserve the right for any "printing errors" in product information and catalogs and because product images do not always accurately reflect the products' true appearance. How the color in images is rendered may depend on the type of monitor you have and what settings it has.

1.5 FORCE MAJEURE We reserve the right to invoke Force Majeure in situations where this is applicable.

2. PRICES All prices are stated in Swedish Kronor (SEK), including VAT. The price that applies is what is stated on the website the day the order is placed.


All our Electronics/Furniture are free shipping  To your Closes DHL/DSV pickup service point in Sweden, or you can also choose the option of home delivery for a fix price of 500kr in all Sweden.


All bif items are delivered on pallets. Note that for home delivery, Shipping companies do not have a standard to help you carry the item. They leave it at the entrance or the lowest floor, so it will e.g. not "down in the basement" or "upon the top floor of a condominium".

There are two different ways to get delivery. 


Corporate customers may also request notification from DSV/DHL, in which case contact us at customer service before.

For odd places, the delivery may take longer.

For orders under SEK 500, a shipping cost of SEK 99 will be added.


* NOTE! The delivery time can vary for different items and if the product is in stock, it applies 2-5 days from the order received and approved payment.

When adjusting/changing the delivery address, we charge a fee of SEK 349.

Remember to check the goods when they arrive!

Visible damage is reported directly to the driver and hidden damage is reported within 7 days of receiving the shipment. Therefore, always receive the goods yourself so that they do not stand and wait too long without being checked.

Shipping damage submitted later than 7 days, we can unfortunately not do anything about.

* If you do not receive or redeem your package within 14 days, a fee for unredeemed packages will be charged. The fee is as follows:
1 pallet - 900 SEK
Other products - SEK 200


3.1 COLLECT THE GOODS YOURSELF You can choose to pick up the goods yourself in our warehouse located in Byske, Västebotten. Write us to plan a visit.  As soon as your goods are ready for collection, we will contact you via e-mail, alternatively SMS or telephone.


*All orders over SEK 500 are delivered free of charge.  This doesn't apply to home delivery of furniture and our vintage products that need special handling; For that, we will be sending you an offer with the shipping price if is not already specified in the item.

*for a large order that requires Pallets, ALWAYS take a picture before removing or unpacking the items. This will help in case the item have nonvisible damages.

When the package has been sent from us you will receive an email with the shipping number so that you can follow your shipment yourself. When the parcel has arrived at the drop-off point, you will receive a notification of this. If you entered a mobile number when you made the order, the notification will be sent by SMS. If you have not provided a mobile number, you will receive a notification by email. Be careful when providing your contact information. We are not responsible for any problems that arise due to incorrectly entered email, telephone, or address information.

3.3 FEES FOR UNLOCKED SHIPPING OR FAIL DELIVERY TRIAL All shipments are notified in delivery confirmation via e-mail from Nicole`s Lantgård storage and notified via SMS, letter, telephone or e-mail from the shipping company. For all shipments (except letters), information is enclosed in an e-mail notification that allows tracking of the shipment. If you have not received notification from the shipping company within a week of receiving the delivery confirmation by email, please contact us to avoid returning the shipment.


In cases where letters, mail parcels, or pallets / larger parcels are returned to Nicole`s Lantgård by the shipping company due to the customer/recipient:

1) not redeemed parcels from the delivery point;

2) not found on stated phone number for notification;

3) refused to receive the delivery

4) provided incorrect name, address, or contact details, Nicole`s Lantgård will charge the customer a fee.

5) Not answering SMS for home delivery at the first notification will be added, or sent a faktura for extra costs.


The fee is charged to cover Nicole's Lantgård cost of return shipping and return administration and is debited either via invoice or by deducting the amount from the order amount which is refunded after the return has arrived at our warehouse. In cases where Postnord, DHL, or Nicole`s Lantgård have agreed with the recipient on the day and time of delivery but this is not in place at the time of delivery, an additional charge may be added for a new delivery attempt.

3.4  In case of damaged items:

Email is THE only way to communicate in case of damaged items, other methods will not be responded to. (Sms, phone calls, chat via the website, etc are not valid)

  • You have to take pictures of the package and send them to us. 

  • You have to take pictures of the broken item and send them to us.

  • You HAVE TO inform us about this as soon you get the package. We don't take responsibility for items that were broken, without an immediate notification.

All delivery times are approximate and refer to the time from the time we received and registered your payment until the shipment is sent from our warehouse. Inventory goods are goods that we normally have in stock for immediate delivery. In the event of large orders or delays from suppliers, these goods may in some cases have a delivery time of 1-2 weeks. In such cases, you will be notified as soon as we have processed your order. For some goods, the specified delivery time may be within a fairly large range (eg 1-7 weeks). These are goods that we normally stock but which have a slightly longer delivery time if they run out of stock. When purchasing order goods, we will notify you of the delivery week as soon as our order with the relevant manufacturer has been confirmed. Please note that in some cases this may take up to two weeks. Of course, you have the right to cancel your order, or use your right of withdrawal, in connection with being notified of the specified delivery week. If you order several goods with different long delivery times at one and the same time, all goods are normally shipped in one and the same shipment when all the goods have arrived at our warehouse. If you require partial delivery - contact us via e-mail  to or telephone. If the delivery time against the presumption is longer than stated in your order confirmation, we will notify you as soon as possible after the delay has been announced to us. We reserve the right to exempt ourselves from all compensation claims to the customer regarding delivery delays.

Delivery time for international (out of Sweden), might be longer, more in red days, holiday season, etc.

We do not take responsibility on the time packages takes to get to our customers, due to difference of work method, policy, etc, that shipping companies have out of Sweden. We can, of course, help our customers to communicate and make things easy.


All prices are in Swedish kronor and all prices are inclusive of VAT. If you wish to pay the product in another currency, it is the current exchange rate that applies. Payment is made with the following options:

-Credit/Debit cards

- Offline payment via Bankgiro -Faktura,  You will receive an invoice by email and be sent as soon as the payment is registered on our account.-swish

6. Right of withdrawal

Purchased furniture is not returned. This does not apply to the right of withdrawal or exchange.

*Especial orders CAN NOT be canceled or returned.  These items are labeled as a "special order" products. 

Furniture purchased under Discount CAN NOT BE RETURNED.

The furniture is exclusively vintage/old and in good condition, but you must count on patina and some wear.  Old furniture/Items need proper care, Avoid excess heat or dryness, as this can cause wood to split and crack. Be sure to keep your furniture away from heat sources such as fireplaces or radiators and humidity. Keep furniture out of direct sunlight. We are not responsible for damages that occur past 14 days, due to factors, we can not control: during shipping, handling, conditions in the new location, etc.

- When canceling a purchase, you have to return the product to the trader within 14 days.

International orders can also be return. This return is the responsibility of the customer. The refund will be minus shipping cost.

-In other goods, you normally have 14 days to cancel your purchase of goods in the online store, in accordance with the distance and home sales law. This means that you have the right to return an item if, within 14 days of receiving it, you notify us that you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal.

- If you buy furniture, and before we make the booking for delivery, you regret buying it. We will charge 400kr, from the withdrawal money. For the time the furniture was no available for other possible buyers.

-Please note that the item must be returned in its original packaging and in unused condition with the labels. When you use the right of withdrawal, you are the customer for the return freight.

When purchasing a product that is specially made or otherwise customized/order specifically for you, the right of withdrawal does not apply. This can, for example, be a color of the furniture that is manufactured-order just for you. The right of withdrawal also does not apply in full to specially ordered goods, or goods with a delivery time longer than two weeks.


-Items must be returned to us in the same conditions that were sent, not used. Otherwise, a refund cant be made.


-To return furniture you must send them well packed, and if they are big, in the pallet that was sent to you, to avoid damages in the shipping process.

-If the furniture/ Other items suffer damages in the return, we cant make a refund.

-The customer is responsible for return costs.

-For orders that are not collected from the postal agent, we charge for the return shipping.

-If you wish to return your order, please contact our customer service at .

-Minor shipments and Larger shipments and furniture via one Nicole`s Lantgård selected transport companies. 

-The customer's responsible for possibles damages that occur in the return of the goods. We recommend you pack it well before you send the item(s) back to us.

When the right of withdrawal is exercised, the item value is refunded minus the cost of shipping and any invoice cost as above.

The return Shipping price IT IS NOT the same, as when the item is sent from our company to a private.

6.2 RETURN TO STORE You can also return the product free of charge by leaving it in our warehouse. Contact us for that.


Production items: These are items made by order.

Pre-order: normally have a waiting time


We always check all goods for any errors, to the greatest extent possible, before we deliver them to you. If there is still something wrong with your product, please contact us at

Complaints are not accepted for errors caused by wear or incorrect use. To verify that you purchased the product from us or from one of our authorized retailers, we always ask you to attach a receipt to the purchase.
Also, attach high-quality images, and explain the reason for your complaint.
Upon approved complaint, we will replace you with a new identical item or refund the cost of the item.


Important: Be sure to check the goods for any damage when you receive the delivery. In order for goods with visible, external transport damage to be claimed with us, the damage must have been noted on the shipping company's shipping note in connection with the receipt.


If you should discover hidden defects/transport damage after opening packaging/packaging, contact us at

In case of damaged items:

  • You have to take pictures of the package and send them to us.

  • You have to take pictures of the broken item and send them to us.

  • You HAVE TO inform us about this as soon you get the package. We don't take responsibility for items that were broken, without an immediate notification.

8. WARRANTIES We have no general guarantee for the goods we sell. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties and where applicable, you will find more information in the product description.


9. PERSONAL DATA. All information provided to us or that we receive when you visit our site will be processed by Nicole`Lantgård as the personal data controller. The information will be used for the purpose of being able to fulfill our obligations towards you when purchasing. 

10. WHAT PERSONAL DATA DO WE HANDLE? Customer information such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, social security number (for credit purchases), order number, purchase information, and payment information.

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