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Bertazzoni Master RCD84F4FXNCM kyl/frys, rostfritt stål

Bertazzoni Master RCD84F4FXNCM kyl/frys, rostfritt stål

This model from Bertazzoni's Professional series has plenty of space for everything a large household needs in everyday life. The refrigerator holds a whopping 488 liters and the freezer 166 liters. The refrigerator and freezer with side by side doors has energy class E, which is in the better part of the energy scale. In this way, you can keep electricity consumption down and show consideration for the environment.


Thanks to the automatic defrosting function, you don't have to spend time and energy on defrosting. The refrigerator is also equipped with ventilated cooling, which ensures that it maintains the same temperature on all shelves. You can easily adjust the temperature setting via the digital display. The cabinets are equipped with LED lighting, which is both energy-efficient, gives a pleasant glow and helps you get a quick overview of your groceries.


With the super freeze function, you can quickly and efficiently freeze your fresh produce. The superfreeze function temporarily lowers the temperature in the freezer, and then automatically returns to your default temperature. If you want to achieve the fastest possible results, you can activate the function before you go shopping. On the display you have a total of four modes to choose from: Super Freeze, Super Cool, Holiday Mode and Eco Mode. Eco Mode is automatically activated when the freezer is set to -18°C.


The Bertazzoni Professional fridge/freezer is equipped with PureAir UV, which uses UV-C light to attack microorganisms and eliminate 99.99% of all bacteria that come into contact with the surfaces of the fridge. PureAir UV also contains an active carbon filter, which significantly improves air quality.


  • Stylish french door model
  • Automatic defrost function
  • Super freezing and Eco Mode
  • Large capacity - place for bulk shopping
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • PureAir UV eliminates bacteria
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